Dalaman Gezilecek Yerler

Dalaman Gezilecek Yerler
Colours of Discovery: Mysterious Streets of Dalaman

Every corner of the world is full of treasures to discover. However, in some places, you can have a unique experience that will touch your soul by standing out from ordinary ordinary tourist attractions.  There are places in Dalaman that you have not heard of before, but you will not forget. While this beautiful, cosy town attracts attention with its natural beauties, your soul is enlightened with its historical streets and vibrant culture. We have compiled some of Dalaman's jewels waiting to be discovered for you...

Colourful Bazaars : The streets of Dalaman are full of colourful bazaars. In these bazaars you will encounter small shops selling local handicrafts and souvenirs. You can chat with locals and enjoy handmade products in these bazaars.
Local Flavours : On the streets of Dalaman, you will feel the delicious local dishes at every step. In local restaurants, you can try traditional tastes and meet local flavours.  You should especially try local fish dishes and fresh seafood.
Dalaman is also a town famous for its historical mosques. These mosques, which are very impressive in terms of architecture, offer you both a spiritual experience and the opportunity to make a journey to the past.

There are many trekking routes in and around Dalaman for nature lovers... It offers the perfect environment to rest your soul with lush forests, waterfalls and mountain views.
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